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The man “who doesn’t do fun” had redefined art during his times but his philosophy is even more relevant in the generative digital art age.

There are plenty to learn but here are some quick tips for people starting out

By the author: IG:

The above image was generated in an instance. I have literally generated thousands more using the same algorithm which I recently created. The below image was generated with the same algorithm.

Learning About The SDGs And The Problems Facing the World Through Digital Reinterpretation

All United Nations Member States have agreed on a blueprint with 17 specific objectives intended to be achieved by 2030. These goals link an aspirational global framework, containing actionable and specific targets for each destination so that all concerned can use to measure global human progress.

Recently, I explored each…

Quitting smoking, embracing hiking, and a new outlook in life and other lessons.

The second time around, it rained heavily, but it was effortless. Video converted to gif (by author)

In August 2009, during a holiday to Taiwan, I climbed Qixing Mountain in Taipei for the first time. And, by “climbed,” what I mean to describe is a painstaking process of wheezing, stopping, sitting, and then walking again. So much for “climbing.”

It was an expletives’ inspiring process.




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